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Racing Birds

Quick link to racing - another way to get into your zoo
if you are locked out.
Racing Your Birds

To unlock the racing animals, they're 2 ways. The first way will unlock the Swift and Peregrine Falcon. The second way will unlock the Martial Eagle, Purple Needletail Swift, and Gyrafalcon. Let's start with the first 2.

1) You're given the Bald Eagle to start racing with. Everytime you unlock a bird to race with, go to your shop and buy another, and start breeding and training.

2) Begin by racing the 'BOSS' Martial Eagle. You're given 5 sprints to use.

3) After you race the 'BOSS', you can race other players. Try to select one with only 1 person on their team and their score is low. If you're racing in class F, most players will be around rating 12, but try to find someone lower. In class E look for someone with a 250 rating and so on.
Class F- Rating 1
Class E- Rating 250
Class D- Rating 500
Class C- Rating 750
Class B- Rating 1000
Class A- Rating 1250
Those are the lowest ratings for that class. Also, try to always race the bald eagle. A Swift is naturally faster than a Bald Eagle, a Peregrine Falcon is naturally faster than a Swift, a Martial Eagle is naturally faster than a Peregrine Falcon, a Purple Needletail Swift is naturally faster than a Martial Eagle, and a Gyrafalcon is the fastest. In other words, the bald eagle is the easiest to beat.

4) After you select your opponent, you can race it 5 times. In the Amatuer Class, when you win, you will gain a better rating and a better Speed Stone. If you lose, you will get a lower Speed Stone and your points will stay the same. In Pro Class, if you lose a match, you will lose points. That's the difference.

5) You can replenish all 5 races about every 70 minutes or so. Depending on your class, it may take less or a little longer.

6) After you race for awhile, and you get through Class A and have a rating MORE THAN 1500, your bird will be moved into Pro Racing. When your Bald Eagle becomes Pro, you will then unlock the Swift. (When your Swift becomes Pro, you will unlock the Peregrine Falcon)


Everyday, you can race the 'BOSSES', which are the three birds at the beginning when you click the racing tab. Depending on your level, you may have the other 2 still locked. You need to achieve the Bronze Mastery to unlock the next 'BOSS'.

Martial Eagle

Purple Needletail Swift


1) Select whatever bird you plan to race for the day. If you're just beginning, it will most likely be the Bald Eagle.

2) Race the Martial Eagle Boss. You will be given 5 sprints to use. Everytime you sprint, you can post a Speed Stone to your feed to share with your friends.

3) If you win the race during your last sprint, the mastery level will raise for that boss a little bit. It will take a while to achieve full mastery of that boss. I believe for bronze, it will raise 20%. Silver, raise 10%. And Gold will rasie about 7% each time you win a race (I say about because it goes up 7% and the next time you win it will go up 6%).

4) You can also gain a REFILL of your sprints. This will give you 5 extra sprints to race again. If you don't beat the boss during your sprints, post for help to your friends so they can click to help you. If you go back a few hours later, a pop up will tell you that you have beat the boss by help from your friends, and it will list the friends that helped you.

5) After so many days, you will eventually unlock the next boss to race by achieving 100% Bronze Mastery
Bronze Mastery of Martial Eagle unlocks Needletail Swift
Bronze Mastery of Needletail Swift unlocks Gyrafalcon

6) To unlock these three birds to race with and also buy, you must get 100% Gold Mastery of that Boss. By mastering these bosses, they will then unlock in your shop and you can buy them. The next day, you can then race with them.

Speed Stones will help make your racing bird faster. For every Zoomate you have, you can use one of your speed stones. The more zoomates, obviously, the better for you. When you get 3 stones of one kind, you can upgrade them to the next stone. But be careful, because sometimes it's better to have three of a lesser stone than one of a greater stone. I usually upgrade my stones after I have a stone placed for every zoomate. In other words, If I have 100 zoomates, I'd want 100 obsidian stones to give me a +100 bonus. If I get more obsidian stones, say 103, I will upgrade 3 obsidian stones for 1 sugilite stone making my speed bonus now +102. But that's just the way I do it.

Obsidian (+1)

Sugilite (+2)

Azurite (+3)

Amazonite (+4)

Jade (+5)

Garnet (+6)

Citrine (+7)

Chrysoberyl (+8)

Moonstone (+9)

When you have your racing birds remember they need to be trained

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