Friday, 11 June 2010

All you need to know about Green Houses and trees in ZooWorld

Here is a group for you to join - if you are still needing green house parts
Click the blue link!
Green House Builders Unite

The return on clicking a tree that is not in a green house is a third of one that is!
click on an large tree on an island, get $25,in a greenhouse get $75.
the smaller trees, individually on an island, get $10 in a greenhouse get $30.
Please note trees in greenhouse do not give flower pots trees need to be individually clicked
to get flower pots.
Getting flowers from trees

Having problems planting your trees?
The best browser to do this in is Fire Fox
make sure you are zoomed in
To grow a tree needs water so after placing each tree in the green house double click the water surrounding your island.. LOL
then as you are loading it may tell you your green house is full... the gardeners just need time to arrange them nicely - reload your zoo and you can keep on loading.

Tables can be found on feed and are best collected using the Zoo World Bonus Checker

155 plants / trees (not including the upgradable trees) can be stored in the greenhouse.
Large trees, Earth Day tree, Heart trees, guava, aloes and poppy give the owner $75
Small trees give $30
Zoomates get $25 for each tree in greenhouse.

Come and meet Shakey the tree shaker and learn all about him

To make a link to share in your notes so your zoo mates can come click on your greenhouses just replace the xxxxxx with your Zoo ID
found in red on your Zoo Help Page

Trees and flowers that go into Greenhouses;

Heart Tree 

Earth Day Tree  

Big Tree  - 
Big Orange Tree 

Big Apple Tree 

Small Tree 

Small Orange Tree 

Small Apple Tree 

Collectibles, Wildlife Point trees, topiaries and mushrooms cannot be placed in Greenhouses.

Greenhouse shakes do count towards the “Shake X Trees” achievement.

Unlike with other buildables, there is no time limit for completing a Greenhouse.
Trees in Greenhouses do not count toward achievements. To get the “Own X Big Trees” achievement, you’ll need to move them out of the Greenhouse. You can move them back in afterward.
As with normal trees, visitors to your zoo get a flat rate of $25 per tree.

You can buy a maximum of 100 total Basic Frames throughout the game. This means the max number of Greenhouses is 100 Bronze, or 11 Gold and 1 Bronze when fully upgraded. (11x3x3 + 1 = 100.)
If you see a zoomate  has more than the allocated amount there was a glitch which allowed this be thankful they filled them so you can shake them.

Other Trees
Willow Tree - Shakes for $1,000 - $25 to zoomate

Scary Tree - Shakes for $600 - $25 to zoomate

Christmas Tree- Shakes for $1,000 - $25 to zoomate

Guava tree -  Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Banana Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Easter Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Shake 1 Wildlife point a day for 120 days! till Wilted
Wilted Jacaranda Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate 

Autumn Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate  

Sequoia Tree -
From the Californian Ltd Edition.
17-26th September 2010
 Shakes for Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate  
Wildflowers - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Peonies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25

Zinnias - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25    

Daisies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25 

Pansies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Tahitian Flower - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Aloe Plant - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

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