Wednesday, 30 June 2010

How to Change your URL to something of your own Choice

Click Here to Change your URL Now
Remember you can only choose a single username
 for your profile and   you won’t be able to change or transfer.
Your username must be at least five characters in length and
only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9), or a period or full stop.

4th July Animals. 2010

The 4th of July Animals are now breedable and giftable
and do count towards your 3/4/5 level requirements.!

Please note you can have a maximum of 6 of each animal
Gifting of fireworks was devided into different days release.
Red giftable immediately -White was released on the 1st Blue was released on the 3rd
As yet sparklers are unlimited to get off feed. You can get sparklers out of mystery boxes and off feed.
These animals are not breedable but I would suggest
getting 2 of each any way who wants to be lonely?
For 2 of each animal you needed
60 red. 90 white. 110 blue. 120 sparklers.

Monday, 28 June 2010

How to Collect and release Feed animals.

Here is a tip on how to keep up
with mass posters without clicking like each time.
the reason why most people do not like you to click like
is because it causes their computer to freeze
and they are unable to release the animals
they have stocked up to send to feed.

Start at the beginning of the run.
Hold the control key down and click the link.
Each animal will and open in new tab
when you have about six - go and accept each animal.

When you accept the animal do not close the tab.
Go back to the beginning and an animal should
be waiting for you to release to feed.
This will help you with your trophy.

Click here for a complete list of feed animals

Buildable - Playground

You will need to buy your frame from the buildables for $1000

You are able to make as many as you like.

When you request a gift from others
you are helping your friends get their buildables
This is an excellent idea as some people have a problem
getting the parts they need now just help a friend and
you will get the same part in return.

It is made of
10 Swings
10 Pipes
10 Spring Horses
10 Sand boxes
10 Slides
All are giftable -
none from feed

Contact Zoo World Directly

This is the email contact address for zoo world

When you report your issues, please include
Your user id: Your ID can be found on the zoo help page in red
Your browser: chrome, version: 5.0.375.125, platform: windows, parent app:likeness
A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing

How to use a chain to pass animals on...

1. Place your name on the list.
2. Refresh the post and see who is on the list above you
3. send a friend request to the person above you on the list
4. Message them to let them know you are next in line
and which animal you are waiting for
5. wait for animal to get to you - depending on length of chain this could take days.

2 Place it in your zoo
3 Buy a second and send it to the person waiting for it
4 go back and buy another second so you can breed if breedable.

Make a back door into your zoo

to make your own door -
copy paste the link below and replace the xxxxxx with your
own Zoo ID number you will have access to your zoo.

You will find your zoo id number on the help page in red

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Racing Birds

Quick link to racing - another way to get into your zoo
if you are locked out.
Racing Your Birds

To unlock the racing animals, they're 2 ways. The first way will unlock the Swift and Peregrine Falcon. The second way will unlock the Martial Eagle, Purple Needletail Swift, and Gyrafalcon. Let's start with the first 2.

1) You're given the Bald Eagle to start racing with. Everytime you unlock a bird to race with, go to your shop and buy another, and start breeding and training.

2) Begin by racing the 'BOSS' Martial Eagle. You're given 5 sprints to use.

3) After you race the 'BOSS', you can race other players. Try to select one with only 1 person on their team and their score is low. If you're racing in class F, most players will be around rating 12, but try to find someone lower. In class E look for someone with a 250 rating and so on.
Class F- Rating 1
Class E- Rating 250
Class D- Rating 500
Class C- Rating 750
Class B- Rating 1000
Class A- Rating 1250
Those are the lowest ratings for that class. Also, try to always race the bald eagle. A Swift is naturally faster than a Bald Eagle, a Peregrine Falcon is naturally faster than a Swift, a Martial Eagle is naturally faster than a Peregrine Falcon, a Purple Needletail Swift is naturally faster than a Martial Eagle, and a Gyrafalcon is the fastest. In other words, the bald eagle is the easiest to beat.

4) After you select your opponent, you can race it 5 times. In the Amatuer Class, when you win, you will gain a better rating and a better Speed Stone. If you lose, you will get a lower Speed Stone and your points will stay the same. In Pro Class, if you lose a match, you will lose points. That's the difference.

5) You can replenish all 5 races about every 70 minutes or so. Depending on your class, it may take less or a little longer.

6) After you race for awhile, and you get through Class A and have a rating MORE THAN 1500, your bird will be moved into Pro Racing. When your Bald Eagle becomes Pro, you will then unlock the Swift. (When your Swift becomes Pro, you will unlock the Peregrine Falcon)


Everyday, you can race the 'BOSSES', which are the three birds at the beginning when you click the racing tab. Depending on your level, you may have the other 2 still locked. You need to achieve the Bronze Mastery to unlock the next 'BOSS'.

Martial Eagle

Purple Needletail Swift


1) Select whatever bird you plan to race for the day. If you're just beginning, it will most likely be the Bald Eagle.

2) Race the Martial Eagle Boss. You will be given 5 sprints to use. Everytime you sprint, you can post a Speed Stone to your feed to share with your friends.

3) If you win the race during your last sprint, the mastery level will raise for that boss a little bit. It will take a while to achieve full mastery of that boss. I believe for bronze, it will raise 20%. Silver, raise 10%. And Gold will rasie about 7% each time you win a race (I say about because it goes up 7% and the next time you win it will go up 6%).

4) You can also gain a REFILL of your sprints. This will give you 5 extra sprints to race again. If you don't beat the boss during your sprints, post for help to your friends so they can click to help you. If you go back a few hours later, a pop up will tell you that you have beat the boss by help from your friends, and it will list the friends that helped you.

5) After so many days, you will eventually unlock the next boss to race by achieving 100% Bronze Mastery
Bronze Mastery of Martial Eagle unlocks Needletail Swift
Bronze Mastery of Needletail Swift unlocks Gyrafalcon

6) To unlock these three birds to race with and also buy, you must get 100% Gold Mastery of that Boss. By mastering these bosses, they will then unlock in your shop and you can buy them. The next day, you can then race with them.

Speed Stones will help make your racing bird faster. For every Zoomate you have, you can use one of your speed stones. The more zoomates, obviously, the better for you. When you get 3 stones of one kind, you can upgrade them to the next stone. But be careful, because sometimes it's better to have three of a lesser stone than one of a greater stone. I usually upgrade my stones after I have a stone placed for every zoomate. In other words, If I have 100 zoomates, I'd want 100 obsidian stones to give me a +100 bonus. If I get more obsidian stones, say 103, I will upgrade 3 obsidian stones for 1 sugilite stone making my speed bonus now +102. But that's just the way I do it.

Obsidian (+1)

Sugilite (+2)

Azurite (+3)

Amazonite (+4)

Jade (+5)

Garnet (+6)

Citrine (+7)

Chrysoberyl (+8)

Moonstone (+9)

When you have your racing birds remember they need to be trained

Friday, 18 June 2010

Levels on which animals are released

Level 1 = 1 XP - Porcupine, Dolphin, Bobcat, Bald Eagle
Level 2 = 5 XP - Anteater
Level 3 = 15 XP - Golden Eagle, Blue Whale
Level 4 = 45 XP - Flying Fox Bat
Level 5 = 58 XP - Spotted Hyena, Giant Octopus
Level 6 = 161 XP - Tasmanian Devil, Seahorse, Basset Hound, American Bald Eagle, Patriotic Donkey
Level 7 = 343 XP Hammerhead Shark, Stingray
Level 8 = 574 XP - Fire Salamander, Spotter Gecko
Level 9 = 885 XP - Yellow Anaconda, Keel-Billed Toucan, Poison Dart Frog, Dragonfly, Blue & Yellow Macaw, Mandrill
Level 10 = 1,407 XP - Monarch Butterfly, Black Widow Spider, Indian Peacock, Wombat, Great Horned Owl
Level 11 = 2,269 XP - Ring-Tailed Lemur, Orca, Skunk, Great White Pelican
Level 12 = 3,682 XP - Californian Sea Lion, Beluga Whale, American Alligator, American Big Horn
Level 13 = 5,522 XP - Charmeleon, East African Oryx, Moose, Platypus
Level 14 = 7, 904 XP - Ostrich, Spanish Lynx, Brushtail Possum, Red Panda
Level 15 = 10,970 XP - Blue Marlin, Gorilla, Bongo, Wildebeast, Snow Leopard
Level 16 = 14,451 XP - Pygmy Hippo, Ardvark, Warthog, Komodo Dragon
Level 17 = 18,784 XP - Baboon, Snowshoe Rabbit, Armadillo, Python, Desert Iguana
Level 18 = 23,471 XP - Coyote, Reindeer, Chinchilla, Mountain Lion, Narwhal Whale, Andean Condor, Rhea
Level 19 = 28,670 XP - Beaver, Horned Toad, Trumpeter Swan, Musk Ox, Black Caiman, Cotton Harlequin Bug, Kiwi, Alpaca
Level 20 = 37,295 XP - Cheetah, African Crane, Jelyfish, Scarlet Macaw, Giant Sable Antelope
Level 21 = 46,538 XP - Chilean Flamingo, Arctic Fox, African Buffalo, Gharial
Level 22 = 56,421 XP - Sandhill Crane, Micronesian Kingfisher, Vampire Bat, Albatross, Asian Wildhorse, Manatee
Level 23 = 66,964 XP - Emu, King Vulture, Pika, Wolverine, Impala
Level 24 = 78,191 XP - Dingo, Barn Owl, Eland, Gray Wolf, Dall Sheep, Dollar Sunfish, Cougar
Level 25 = 90,125 XP - Caterpilla, Black Swallowtail, Alligator Gar, Leopard, Marmot, Blue Jay, Tiger Salamander, Bactrian Camel
Level 26 = 102,789 XP - Firefly, Sun Bear, Tree Kangaroo
Level 27 = 116,208 XP - Blue-Footed Booby, Bird Of Paradise, Sugarglider, Kookaburra, Capybara
Level 28 = 130,407 XP - Emerald Tree Boa, Puffin
Level 29 = 145,412 XP - Black Mamba, Leafy Sea Dragon, Clouded Leopard
Level 30 = 161,250 XP - Lobster, Tiger Shark, Whale Shark
Level 31 = 177,784 XP - Silver Fox, Coati
Level 32 = 200,773 XP - Clownfish, Hummingbird
Level 33 = 224,468 XP - Amami Rabbit, Puma, Black Kite, Red Tailed Hawk, Dugong
Level 34 = 248,924 XP - Giant Isopod, Yellow Eyed Penguin
Level 37 = 326,581 XP - Fossa, Guanaco
Level 40 = 403,471 XP - Serval, Peccary
Level 45 = 586,668 XP - Canada Goose, Blue Dacnis
Level 50 = 793,572 XP - Finch, Clown Barb
Level 55 = 1,083,564 XP - Hooded Seal, Electric Eel
Level 60 = 1,450,247 XP - Hammerkop
Level 65 = 1,858,625 XP - Sand Cat, Ladybug, Blue-crowned Motmot, Glass Frog
Level 70 = 2,277,864 XP - Cobra, Kagu, Frilled Lizard
Level 75 = 2,707,963 XP - Fox Squirrel, Pine Marten, Pufferfish
Level 80 = 3,160,003 XP - New Zealand Shoveler, Tamaraw.
Level 85 = 3,630,651 XP - Woodpecker, Gerenuk
Level 90 = 4,112,613 XP - Chihuahuan Raven, Eclectus Parrot, Gray Squirrel
Level 95 = 4,653,351 XP - Gray Squirrel
Level 100 = 5,221,918 XP - Okapi and Aye Aye
Level 105 = 5,847,045 XP - Golden Jackal
Level 110 = 6,546,024 XP - Phalanger, Orangutan
Level 115 = 7,330,841 xp - Butterfly fish and flying fish
Level 120 = 8,225,195 xp - Black Robin
Level 130 = 10,476,600xp - Green Water Dragon and Crocodile Newt
Level 135 = 11,942,522xp - Babirusa and Jaguardundi
level 140 = 13,200,624xp - Bee Eater and Saki White faced monkey.
level 145 = 15,200,100xp - Siamese Catfish, Yak and Kestral
Level 150 = 16,161,500xp - Kodiak Bear and Tarsier
Level 160 = 17.500.250xp - Barbary Sheep and Kinkajou
Level 165 =  21,649,259 XP    Zebu and Southern Muriqu
Level 170 =  23,418,758 XP   Checkerboard Wrasse, Spotted Genet, 
Level 175 =  25,218,454 XP    Mink
Level 180 =  27,097,143 XP  Winset and Arabian Tahr         
Level 185 = 29,006,833 XP  Long-nosed cusimanse  and Barracuda 
LEVEL 190 = 30,997,933 XP - Long Nose Cusimane
LEVEL 195 = 33,041,421 XP  - Striped Hyena
LEVEL 200 = 35,233,204 XP - Mountain Pygmy Possum

Zoo gates! You can collect twice from gates but it will cost 3WLP

You can now collect twice from gates but it will cost 3WLP

These are upgraded daily by clicking on them and collecting the daily fees,
we used to be able to change admission fees - this is a thing of the past.
Daily Zoo Profit
Now we also get points towards leveling up.

Be aware these gate get bigger as you upgrade them
it is wise not to put anything to close to them.

Great news Peeps - as from today -
Storage mode now makes your gates transparent 
so you can move items around 

Click here to find out all about Gate Animals

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Upgradables in Zoo World -











Breeding Animals off feed

These are the longest to breed.
120/122 hours without growth formula and 90/92 with growth formula.
If you breed feed animals you need to be prepared to pay for the upgrades required to hatch babies.

Complete list of feed animals

Zoo Breeding Guide

Here is a chart for you to print out
it will help you decide which animals you will be breeding.
and how many you need to breed till you get your WLP.
Just fill in the Name of the animal you are breeding 
and mark off each time you breed.

Roses needed for rose garden

Any one still needing roses for rose gardens should join this group
Rose Garden Builders

PreBronze-Bronze 20 Roses Needed
5 Blue (FEED)
5 Red (Giftable)
5 Yellow (Giftable)
5 White (Giftable)

Bronze to Silver - 40 Roses Needed
5 Blue (FEED)
5 Red (Giftable)
5 Yellow (Giftable)
5 White (Giftable)
5 Green (1 Blue and 1 Yellow for each Green)
5 Lavender (1 Blue and 1 White for each Lavender)
5 Orange (1 Red and 1 Yellow for each Orange)
5 Pink (1 Red and 1 White for each Pink)

Silver to Gold - 81 Roses Needed
10 Blue (FEED)
10 Red (Giftable)
10 Yellow (Giftable)
10 White (Giftable)
10 Green (1 Blue and 1 Yellow for each Green)
10 Lavender (1 Blue and 1 White for each Lavender)
10 Orange (1 Red and 1 Yellow for each Orange)
10 Pink (1 Red and 1 White for each Pink)
1 Glitter (1 of all colors for each Glitter)

Gold-Platinum - 125 Roses Needed
15 Blue (FEED)
15 Red (Giftable)
15 Yellow (Giftable)
15 White (Giftable)
15 Green (1 Blue and 1 Yellow for each Green)
15 Lavender (1 Blue and 1 White for each Lavender)
15 Orange (1 Red and 1 Yellow for each Orange)
15 Pink (1 Red and 1 White for each Pink)
5 Glitter (1 of all colors for each Glitter)

Platinum -Adamantium 170 Roses Needed
20 Blue (FEED)
20 Red (Giftable)
20 Yellow (Giftable)
20 White (Giftable)
20 Green (1 Blue and 1 Yellow for each Green)
20 Lavender (1 Blue and 1 White for each Lavender)
20 Orange (1 Red and 1 Yellow for each Orange)
20 Pink (1 Red and 1 White for each Pink)
10 Glitter (1 of all colors for each Glitter)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Ways to protect your PC

Facebook sends alot of unwanted email notifications click here to stop these

Many of us enjoy the animals we buy from zoo - but leaving an open door to your paypal account is not very advisable - would you leave your purse open?
Click here to protect yourself

And last but most important of all - this is how to stop facebook spying on everything you do on your computor.
Click this link here and opt out of the "Market Research" that facebook feels is acceptable - they have access to all your personal details.

If some one sends you an attachment - confirm that they sent it before you open it.
If you think the attachment is important - save to file before opening it.
Delete chain e-mails and other spam from your inbox. It is best not to reply to these unless you are expecting them.
Exercise caution when downloading files from the Internet. Be especially wary of screensavers, games, browser add-ons, peer-to-peer (P2P) clients, and any downloads claiming to be free versions of expensive applications, such as Adobe® PhotoShop® or Microsoft® Office. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Update your anti-virus software often.
Back up your files frequently. If a virus infects your files, at least you can replace them with your back-up copy. It's a good idea to store your backup files (on CDs or flash drives) in another secure physical location away from your computer.
Update your operating system, Web browser, and e-mail program on a regular basis.
Vigilance is the best defense against phishing scams. “Phishing” describes scams that attempt to acquire confidential information such as credit card numbers, personal identity data, and passwords by sending out e-mails that look like they come from real companies or trusted individuals. If you happen to receive an e-mail message announcing that your account will be closed, that you need to confirm an order, or that you need to verify your billing information, do not reply to the e-mail or click on any links.
Do not open messages or click on links from unknown users in your instant messaging program. Instant messaging can be a vehicle for transmitting viruses and other malicious code,
Use a personal firewall. A hardware firewall that sits between your DSL router or cable modem will protect you from inbound attacks. A software firewall runs on your PC and can protect you from both inbound and outbound attacks.
Check your accounts and credit reports regularly. Identity thieves can begin using your personal information to open accounts, within minutes of obtaining that data. Check your bank account and credit card statements frequently.
Every time you visit a web page, fill out a form, log into a website, play a game or pretty much even LOOK at your computer funny, files are created in super hidden folders buried deep inside some secret part of your hard drive. These files are known as cookies. Cookies hold information like your login name, when you last visited, what you last looked at and may even store your dog's name (if you provided that information). These folders also hold a cache of files that for some reason, websites seem to think are necessary to make your browsing experience more enjoyable - when in reality, more often than not, they just clutter up your hard drive and slowly build up until your internet surfing is slowed to a crawl. After a while, the information super highway seems to be more like a dirt road after a two day down pour!
Luckily, your browsers come with the ability to clean out these files...
It is recommended you do this when Zoo goes through any major changes that causes problems in your zoo, like the way adoptions work (like when they changed from 5 a day adoptions to unlimited) - or when you simply feel your browsing seems a bit sluggish. Sometimes cleaning our your cache and cookies is enough to correct the adoption/claiming problems that some people are having. Though, it's not a fix for everyone, unfortunately! It is worth a shot though!

Google Chrome:

In the top right hand corner, just under the X to close the window, click on the Wrench Icon and select Options.
In the window that appears, select "under the hood" tab, and click the "clear browsing data..." button. In the next window, make sure "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site data" are checked. In the dropdown box, Clear data from this period: EVERYTHING.
Click "Clear browsing data"
Click Close
Close the browser and restart it.
Log back into facebook and continue.


Go to Tools>Options
Privacy Tab
Private Data (bottom section)
Click on "Clear Now"
Make sure you have "Cache" and "Cookies" selected
Click "Clear Private Data Now.
Click OK
Close the browser and restart it.
Log back into Facebook

Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools> Internet Options
General Tab
Browsing History (second section)
Click "Delete..." button
Make sure you have "Temporary Internet files" and "Cookies" selected
Click "Delete"
Click OK
Close the browser and restart it.
Log back into Facebook.


Click on Safari menu
Select Emtpy Cache.
When asked if you are sure. Click Empty. (duh!)
Click Safari menu (again)
Select Preferences...
Click on Bookmarks (tab?)
Click the button that says "Show Cookies"
In the next window, click "Remove All" button.
Click Done.
Close the browser and restart it.
Log back into facebook.


Go to Tools
Select "Delete private data..."
Click on "Details >>"
Select the Boxes "Delete all cookies" and "Delete entire cache"
Click "Delete" button
Close the browser and restart it.
Log back into facebook.

Once this is done, let's go clear your Flash Cache! Head over here:

When you visit the Macromedia flash site, you'll see the Settings Manager Control Panel like in the image above. Simply click that button that says "Delete all sites" (on the website, that is NOT an image, that is the actual control panel! Here, it's just an image!)

Interesting facts about Hacking

Automated Messages - Your friends know nothing about! Like dieting money making etc!

Dont add this person because they are a hacker!

These animals need your help!


22 month old son shot ...!

Add free emoticons & smileys to your Facebook

Facicons Click here to download it is safe and easy

All you need to know about Green Houses and trees in ZooWorld

Here is a group for you to join - if you are still needing green house parts
Click the blue link!
Green House Builders Unite

The return on clicking a tree that is not in a green house is a third of one that is!
click on an large tree on an island, get $25,in a greenhouse get $75.
the smaller trees, individually on an island, get $10 in a greenhouse get $30.
Please note trees in greenhouse do not give flower pots trees need to be individually clicked
to get flower pots.
Getting flowers from trees

Having problems planting your trees?
The best browser to do this in is Fire Fox
make sure you are zoomed in
To grow a tree needs water so after placing each tree in the green house double click the water surrounding your island.. LOL
then as you are loading it may tell you your green house is full... the gardeners just need time to arrange them nicely - reload your zoo and you can keep on loading.

Tables can be found on feed and are best collected using the Zoo World Bonus Checker

155 plants / trees (not including the upgradable trees) can be stored in the greenhouse.
Large trees, Earth Day tree, Heart trees, guava, aloes and poppy give the owner $75
Small trees give $30
Zoomates get $25 for each tree in greenhouse.

Come and meet Shakey the tree shaker and learn all about him

To make a link to share in your notes so your zoo mates can come click on your greenhouses just replace the xxxxxx with your Zoo ID
found in red on your Zoo Help Page

Trees and flowers that go into Greenhouses;

Heart Tree 

Earth Day Tree  

Big Tree  - 
Big Orange Tree 

Big Apple Tree 

Small Tree 

Small Orange Tree 

Small Apple Tree 

Collectibles, Wildlife Point trees, topiaries and mushrooms cannot be placed in Greenhouses.

Greenhouse shakes do count towards the “Shake X Trees” achievement.

Unlike with other buildables, there is no time limit for completing a Greenhouse.
Trees in Greenhouses do not count toward achievements. To get the “Own X Big Trees” achievement, you’ll need to move them out of the Greenhouse. You can move them back in afterward.
As with normal trees, visitors to your zoo get a flat rate of $25 per tree.

You can buy a maximum of 100 total Basic Frames throughout the game. This means the max number of Greenhouses is 100 Bronze, or 11 Gold and 1 Bronze when fully upgraded. (11x3x3 + 1 = 100.)
If you see a zoomate  has more than the allocated amount there was a glitch which allowed this be thankful they filled them so you can shake them.

Other Trees
Willow Tree - Shakes for $1,000 - $25 to zoomate

Scary Tree - Shakes for $600 - $25 to zoomate

Christmas Tree- Shakes for $1,000 - $25 to zoomate

Guava tree -  Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Banana Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Easter Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate

Shake 1 Wildlife point a day for 120 days! till Wilted
Wilted Jacaranda Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate 

Autumn Tree - Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate  

Sequoia Tree -
From the Californian Ltd Edition.
17-26th September 2010
 Shakes for Shakes for $75   - $25 to zoomate  
Wildflowers - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Peonies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25

Zinnias - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25    

Daisies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25 

Pansies - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Tahitian Flower - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25  

Aloe Plant - Shakes for $10 or  in a greenhouse get $30 zoomate gets $25