Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bird of Prey and Killer Whale Shows

A Bird of Prey show is unlocked each time you reach bronze level on your previous one. You can have 5 in total - as you level up they increase in value. You can click them twice a day to collect zoo money. With each level up they look a little different.

You will need to reach admantium in one of your
Birds of Prey Shows to unlock the Killer Whale Show in the shop.
As soon as you place your whale show on one of your islands
you can collect $12,620 from it and return each day to collect
On day three of collecting $ your whale show upgradges to Bronze Level $25,240
and another whale show is unlocked in the shop. As the whale show is upgraded it changes a little just like with the Birds of Prey show.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The best browser to use for zoo and how to clear you flash cache.

Googlechrome is the best browser to use download here -
but remember the choice is always your own..

you must select you preferred browser or your will conflict with IE.

Google Chrome

Clear your flash cache here
Just click the delete all sites and your flash will be cleared

Direct link to get to your FaceBook gift page

New Tiki Decorations and Kiosks...

Tahitian huts, totem poles, umbrellas, chairs and flowers...

Tiki Bar and leis Stand - don't forget to buy your kiosk managers for these!

Two new Limited time Tiki Animals

Goat and black butterfly both are breedable

Both animals are breedable.
Goat 20 hours
Originated in Egypt
Four chambered stomach , lives on grass and sparse vegetation
Male goats have a strong smell to makr territory and attract females.

Butterfly 16 hours
Can see ultra violet light invisible to the human eye.
They have an external skeleton to prevent them drying out.
Female butterflies are larger and live longer

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bony Tongue Fish and Gaur - new Basket Animals

Interesting facts
The Gaur is the largest cattle species in the world
They can weigh over 2000 pounds.
Very unpredictable and can charge at any time.

The Malayan Bony Tongue fish
the dragon fish! the lucky fish...
It is a fresh water fish.

Gate Animals

Gate animals are not breedable
and can only be got from the gate
by visiting your zoo daily for 7 days.
It is the 7th Day lucky animal.
These do not count towards your 2/3/4/5
Level Requirements


The Concave Casqued Hornbill is the largest hornbill species found on the Indian subcontinent.
The Concave Casqued Hornbill can eat up to 150 figs in one meal.
The Concave Casqued Hornbill's first two neck vertebrae are fused together in order to support their large bill.

Giftable not breedable                                                                                      


The Crocodile Lizard has a very powerful tail, allowing it be a very strong swimmer.
Crocodile Lizard originate from the dense woodlands in the mountains of Guangxi Province, China.
The Crocodile Lizard feeds on fishes, tadpoles, insects and snails.

Giftable not breedable 

Dasyure are most often found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea.
Dasyures are also called Native Cat, even though they are not related to cats and are actually marsupials.
Dasyures are very agile, nocturnal carnivores, who are able to move and climb quickly.

These are now discontinued and you will need to be gifted them then they will open up in your shop.
Giftable not breedable 
Kudus are one of the largest antelopes.
Kudus produce one of the loudest sounds made by antelope in the form of a gruff bark.
Kudu horns have spirals, which allow males to spar by interlocking horns.

The males then proceed to shove and twist until one opponent is knocked off balance and thrown down.

These are now discontinued and you will need to be gifted them then they will open up in your shop.
Giftable not breedable 

Friday, 23 July 2010

How to stop Email notifications Spamming up your Email.

Go to the top right hand corner and click on account

select account settings.
click on notifications
and set your preferences.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Chocolate Factory Buildable!

Buy your frame for $1000

As with all buildables you will need 10 of each item.
All can be got by gifting other people who are asking for them on the feed.
If you gift some one through the feed you get one in return.
You have until the 24th August to complete it.

All items are through gifting - none via feed only.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Zoo is Going French.....C'est La Vie

French Bistro and Cafe in kiosks...

French house and Arc de Triomph in decorations

sacré bleu
un arc de triomphe rose

Newly released

Chipmunk, Wild Boar and Ibex in shop

Soft Shell turtle on feed

Water Dragon and Crocodile Newt level animals

Will update ASAP

Breeding for WLP Explained

There are 5 Mastery levels for each breedable species -
you do not get WLP for each animal bred but each level mastered.

Bronze gives 1 WLP
Silver gives 2WLP
Gold gives 3 WLP
Platinum gives 4 WLP
Adamantium gives 5 WLP

Breeding Times

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Just Released new Feed Animal

Red Legged Honey Creeper.

He is a song bird relative of the tanager.
Found in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Trinidad, Tobago and Cuba
The underside of it's wing is yellow which is only visible in flight

Monday, 19 July 2010

Complete list of the Gift Of the Day

Zoo has introduced a gift of the day in the form of stands.
Washington Apple Stand is the first to be released,
Second was the kite stand
third the roadblock
fourth the pencil stand
the first ten receive a stand, there after you get an oak tree.
You are able to claim gift for three days after posting

Unfortunately we can not gift to friends

Yous should be able to post 3 times per day by clicking
on share on the stand on your zoo page
and collect five per day

Please be aware each stand needs a kiosk manager.