Friday, 17 September 2010

Field Trip Boat House - Complete a poster for a new animal.

Click on Boat house to earn special animals

Red Crayons can be bought for 1 WLP - this is done as you click the buy button and is not reversible so don't click the buy button. Get Red crayons from gifting
Star can be bought for 2 WLP or by answering daily quizes also collected off feed when some one else exchanges for a new animal
Stickers can be bought for 3WLP or from feed.
Green Crayons unlock on the 19th
Blue Crayons on the 21st

Animals you can get from the Posters are;

Cardinal Breedable 20 hours
4 red crayons; 4 stars and 2 stickers

Scarab Beetle Breedable 48 hours
10 red crayons; 10 green crayons; 10 blue crayons
16 Stars and 8 stickers

Rainbow Parrot Fish Breedable 23 hours
8 green crayons; 8 blue crayons
8 stars and 4 stickers

Please note the limit is 6 of each 
even if you have bred to get to the 6
you are not able to get any more from stars and crayons 
once you have reached the 6 of a kind

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