Friday, 3 September 2010

The Golden Egg -

You will find an egg floating in your zoo just like the blue boxes do.
You are supposed to Click on it and recruit friends to join .
This is being used as an incentive to get people to join Zoo World
it has just been released - so there are lots of glitches to sort out.
A lot of people who have tried have been locked out their zoos!
There is also a trophy we can work towards when we recruit new zoo players.
I am beginning to wonder if zoo actually is aware of all the facebook glitches
with people being blocked for interacting too much.
I love the idea - but it has come at the wrong time 
Zoo World should slow down and sort out what we already have 
before they keep introducing new things
instead of attracting people they are doing the opposite

Many people have made 3 fake accounts 
just to be able to get these animals.
It has been the cause of many people being
locked out of their zoos for days..

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