Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Haunted House and make a Halloween Costume


Peeps click on the animal you need to chose which one you want

they all require different amounts of items

you can only upgrade a costume to an animal every 8 hours
the skeleton is now dancing and
candy corn can now be found when visiting zoomates
PS if you see a friend needs help sewing a costume click and help -
even if you have all the thread you can get clicking still helps to finish the costume.

The the thread post you share from within your haunted house.. the poster doesn't get any benefit from it other than helping 5 Mates to get their thread. 
Hence how we can get 5 from clicking on those those posted threads or by helping with a costume to the limit of a total of 5...but the threads from a completed haunted house are unlimited you can collect on every one you see & there is no limit to how many Mates can click on it.

Send and receive Halloween Gifts 
to build your haunted house
and make a halloween costume

Spooky haunted house  is made from 5 each of the Broken Window, Cracked Shingle and Cobweb items. 

The items are also available for WLP 

Broken Windows and Cracked Shingles for 1 WLP each, 
and Cobwebs for 2 WLP each.
After completing the haunted house the real fun begins!
  • Click on your haunted house.
  • Collect  threads, patches, scissors, paint, wigs and candy corn for costumed animals. 
  • New animals will be released every 3 days!
  • Threads can be shared to the feed every 8 hours, and can be bought for 1 WLP each - you will only be able to collect 5 a day.
  • Each post can be helped up to 5  times. 
  • Make money and go visiting to find a piece of candy corn. 
  • Every 5 zoos visited should drop a candy corn 
  • You can collect 10 candy corn a day.
  • Candy corn can also be bought for 3 WLP each.
5 friends will need to help complete your costume.

Completed costumes, are traded for  new animal.As an added bonus, you have the option of getting an animated version of the costume animal. The normal costume animal is free once you sew your costume. The animated costume animal costs some extra WLP.
So if you havent played Toy World go do it and get your 5 WLP

Trading for Halloween Animals 
you are limited to 12 of each 
these will not be giftable - 
 2 of each will keep each other company 
one will just be spooky on it's own.

Click on the bottom boxes to choose which animal you would like

Order Animals will be released by;

Black Cat
12 October

1. The Black Cat has the knowledge to make many magical potions.
2. The Black Cat knows how to fly broom sticks as any witch does.
3. The Black Cat may seem harmless, but she can cast the most evil spells on other animals.

Spooky Bat or Count Dracula Bat
12 October
1. The common spooky bat feeds mostly on the blood of mammals (including humans).
2. Common spooky bats can, in addition to walk, run at speeds of up to 7.9 km per hour (4.9 miles per hour).
3. Spooky bats tend to live in Central to South America and live in arid to humid, tropical and sub tropical areas.

Unlocks 14th October
Trick or Treat Dog

1. The Trick-or-Treat Dog is an expert at blending in with the kids during Trick or Treating.
2. The Trick-or-Treat Dog's costume gives it the ability to float and become invisible.
3. The Trick-or-Treat Dog does not have great vision due to its costume sometimes getting in the way of things in front of it.

Apprentice Dog
Unlocks 17 October
1. Apprentice Dogs are the fasted learning Dogs in the world.
2. An Apprentice Dog can memorize a book by reading it once.
3. Apprentice Dogs are known for their problem solving skills.

Halloween Bunny
Unlocks 20 October


1. The Halloween Bunny is usually seen hopping around dropping candy in children's candy bags.
2. The Halloween Bunny likes to hide in bushes and jump out and playfully scare people passing by.
3. The Halloween Bunny's favorite candy during Halloween is candy corn.

Undercover Dog
Unlocks 23 October
1. Undercover Dogs can change their fur color when in danger.
2. Undercover Dogs never sleep during the day.
3. Undercover Dogs' favourite treats are Easter Eggs.

Devil Dog
Unlocks 26 October
1. The Devil Dog has the ability to change its eye color to red.
2. The Devil Dog has very hot paws that can set things on fire by touching them.
3. The Devil Dog possesses dangerous features but is still generally a calm and friendly dog.

Angel Bear
Unlocks the 29th October
1. The Angel Bear is known to bring angelic music through playing the harp.
2. The Angel Bear can do up to 300 good deeds daily.
3. The Angel Bear sends out up to 1000 gifts to the needy.

Winged Wolf
Unlocks November 1st
1. On the night of a full moon the Winged Wolves fly around the night sky in packs.
2. The Winged Wolves are excellent hunters. The wings allowing them to fly allows them to swoop down on their prey like a hawk.
3. Having wings greatly helps the Winged Wolves get around mountainous areas where there are many hills and elevated surfaces.

Halloween Deadlines

Sending, receiving and feed posting items ends on November 5th. Zoo World’s spooky season ends on November 8th.
And while you are trick and treating - treat yourself to the Halloween Kiosks

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