Friday, 29 October 2010

Animals that Are Giftable but not Buyable

Breeding Times

Patriotic Animals
Bear                           23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
Elephant                    72h, Growth Formula: 54h
Donkey                     96h, Growth Formula: 72h
Basset Hound            16h, Growth Formula: 12h
American Bald Eagle 20h, Growth Formula: 15h

Black Butterfly         16h, Growth Formula: 12h
Goat                         20h, Growth Formula: 15h

Australian Outback
White Wallaby        20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Red Kangaroo        23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
Wallaroo                72h, Growth Formula: 54h

Wild West
Oxen                          16h, Growth Formula: 12h
Palomino Horse          20h, Growth Formula: 15h
American Paint Horse 23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h

Chinese Water Deer                 20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Golden Snub Nosed Monkey   23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h

Birds Edition
Rainbow Lorikeet            16h, Growth Formula: 12h
Painted Bunting               20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Blue Throated Bee Eater  23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
Troupial                          72h, Growth Formula: 54h

Circus Animals
Bear            96h, Growth Formula: 72h
Poodle        20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Elephant     16h, Growth Formula: 12h
Bear Breed  20h, Growth Formula: 15h

Boat House/Crayon
Cardinal                     20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Rainbow Parrot Fish  23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
Scarab Breed times:   48h, Growth Formula: 36h

Dog Faced Butterfly 20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Gray Whale              23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
California Quail       72h, Growth Formula: 54h

Bee      20h, Growth Formula: 15h

Father's Day 
Big Bellied Sea horse            23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
Hard head Catfish                 48h, Growth Formula: 36h
Marsupial Frog                     24h, Growth Formula: 18h
South American marmoset   20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Phalarope                             23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h

Wild Jungle Dog - NOT BREEDABLE
Spider Monkey         20h, Growth Formula: 15h

Japanese macaque         20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Rhesus Monkey             23h, Growth Formula: 17.25h
White Cheeked Gibbon 72h, Growth Formula: 54h

Chipmunk    96h, Growth Formula: 72h
Wild Boar     20h, Growth Formula: 15h
Ibex              16h, Growth Formula: 12h

Animals that Do and Do not count towards level Ups!

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