Saturday, 16 April 2011

Herd Bonus! Level Up Faster with Herds of Ultra Rares

Herd Bonus, a way to get extra XP by feeding groups of animals.
Will be available to everyone very soon.
You’ll know you have it when you see a pop-up talking about Herd Bonus in your zoo.

The details of Herd Bonus;
If you feed using cupid you need to click as many times as the number you have in a herd.
IE if you have 4 of an ultra rare you need to click cupid 4 times. to feed each Ultra rare seperately

When you have 3 or more animals of one Ultra Rare species, you have a herd.
Animal herds have extra “mini hearts” that pop out, which give extra XP.
The more animals you have of that species (up to 8), the more mini hearts appear.
Clicking the mini hearts gives you extra XP and fills up the Herd Bonus Bar.
Purple hearts do not give Herd Bonuses.
Pink hearts do give Herd Bonus XP, but less than red hearts do.

You can use Cupid to collect the first hearts.
You can then click Cupid again to collect the mini-hearts.
When collecting spewed hearts, a progress bar will appear at the top right. The more Herd Bonus hearts you collect in quick succession, the more it fills up. If you fill it up before it disappears, you get a reward!
Don’t worry if you don’t click the mini-hearts quickly, you still get the XP.
How to collect Herd Bonus

Make sure you have at least 3 animals of that type. You can get more from the Shop or by Breeding.
Feed the animal.
When you have a Herd Bonus, the heart will appear slightly larger than normal once the treat is ready to be collected.
When you click the larger heart, you get XP plus a bunch of smaller hearts.
Click the mini-hearts to get the extra XP!
Gather more Herd Bonus hearts before the Progress Bar disappears to earn rewards.
There are multiple levels of rewards. Keep gathering to get the best one!
There’s More Where That Came From
Herd Bonus is now available for all Ultra Rare animals. In the future, a similar version of Herd Bonus will also be released for Rare animals.

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