April Fools Items
  1. Click the animal on your dock to get started.
  2. Collect items from friends, the feed and treats to help these silly animals.
    • Collect Chattering MouthsSquirting Flowers and Arrow Headbands by receiving gifts from friends.
    • Grab Finger Traps from friends’ posts on the feed.
    • Earn Exploding Candy by feeding treats (and then collecting the hearts) from your animals.
  3. Once you have enough items, click Ask Friends for the animal you want to help.
  4. After five friends lend you their helping hands, your animal is done!
  5. As with the Saint Patrick’s Day promotion, you must complete the animals in the order in which they unlock – finishing each animal before moving on to the next available.
Congrats! With all of the above steps finished, you are now the proud owner of TWO new mischievous creatures. The basic reward is TWO of the Rare animal you selected. You can also upgrade to TWO animated Ultra Rares for just 20 WLP – much cheaper than the Ultra Rares you find in the shop, and a good way to kick-start your Herds for the coming Herd Bonus feature!

Tips for a Foolish April

April Fools Dock
Now that you know how it works, here are some tips to help for collecting every animal.
  • You can earn up to 10 Exploding Candy per day by feeding treats. Exploding candy is earned upon collecting hearts from those treats. Every 10 hearts collected gives you an Exploding Candy.
  • Exploding Candy comes from any treat you feed.
  • If you prefer, you can buy each piece or Helping Hand for 1 WLP each.
  • The Check In System returns!
    • Click the [icon above the dock] to check in.
    • Checking in earns one XP.
    • Checking in three times earns the April Fools item of your choice.
    • You can check in once every five minutes.
  • A new April Fools animal will be released every two days up through April 6th.
  • You must complete each animal before moving on to the next one.

The Punchline

Zoo World’s April Fools is a shorter holiday than previous seasonal promotions. The first two animals come out March 31st, then the rest arrive every two days until April 6th. After that, April Fools ends on April 8th.