Saturday, 14 August 2010

Making money from flowering trees...

We are no longer able to gift the upgraded trees.
Flowering trees and other upgradable trees do not go into green houses.
The best is these tress come for free!
Where do we get these trees? By helping friends celebrate accomplishments
How do you upgrade trees?
Go to shop - select collectable and upgrade there!

An oak tree shake for $25

1 Red Oak = 3 oak trees shake for $100

1 Maple Tree = 9 oak trees shake for $400

1 White Maple Tree = 27 oak trees shake for $1,600

1 Plum Tree = 81 oak trees shake for $6,400

1 Orchid Tree = 243 oak trees shake for $25,000

1 Japanese Maple Tree = 729 oak trees shake for $410,000

1 Flowering Dogwood Tree = 2187 oak trees shake for $1 640,000

These are the values for the owner shaking the tree-
zoomates will get $25 for each tree they shake

Pear Tree Upgrades

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