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Thanks Giving Animals

Thanks Giving fun is here and these are so cute!
Have fun making them - aim to finish before the deadline
and drop into Ally's World if you need any help
Blow up a balloon to get a limited-Edition animal and a unique balloon in front of your gate. 
Balloons work much like Halloween animals  but includes the feeding of treats.

when collecting from your feed do not collect too soon wait till hearts are red or you might not get your maize

The treat counter does not go up until after you successfully collect the treat (when the treat duration is over). 
That is how all of the treats work, so this should go up when you go collect the heart at the end of the treat duration.

Click on the arrow to select the animal you want before posting

Upgrade Thanksgiving animals to an animated Ultra Rare with 25 WLP.
This does not have to be done immediately but can be done at any time 

by clicking on the animal - please see these as ultra rares - you do not buy 
every ultra rare released - you do not need all of these upgraded ones.
Below you can see what they look like and choose which you would like to have

Click on the turkey at your gate to bring up the Thanksgiving promotion. 
It shows the animals currently available, and what is required to make the animal.

Thanksgiving Gifts
Headdresses, Pilgrim Hats and Batons are all be requested on the feed. 
Clicking these feed posts gives your friends’ the option to send you the gift you need.
You can post one feed request every 8 hours.

Shared Thanksgiving Items
Drums are shared to the feed every 8 hours. This works the same as “thread” in Halloween – when you post this feed story, friends that click it then receive one free drum.
10 friends can collect a drum from 1 feed post.

Special Thanksgiving Item
Receive Maize randomly when you feed the special Thanksgiving Treats to animals. 
Every time you collect a heart resulting from a Thanksgiving treat, you have a chance to receive one piece.
You can earn up to five total maize per day.

All Thanksgiving pieces and helping hands can also be purchased for 1 WLP each.

Thanks Giving treats the turkey lollipop and the turkey cupcake. 
These replace the lollipop (18-hour) and cupcake (24-hour) treats.
You will only be able to get a maximum of 5 Maize per day
 you’ll need the help of five friends to inflate it. 
You can post for help every 8 hours, to get your new animal!

The balloon itself appears outside of your Zoo gate. 
Every Thanksgiving animal species gives one balloon total, so if you have four Thanksgiving Penguins, you’ll still see just one Thanksgiving Penguin Balloon.

A note on animal costs Inflation Sets in!

Thanksgiving animal will increase as you create more of that animal. Autumn Hound Dog costs 4 Headresses, 5 Maize and 3 Drums.
The second one costs 6 Headdresses, 6 Maize, and 4 Drums.
The third costs 8 Headdresses, 7 Maize and 5 Drums. 
Each animal needs different parts,
revealed as they become available in the Thanksgiving Tab.

The Penguins
Thanksgiving Penguin
The name Thanksgiving "Penguin" is derived from Welsh terms. "Pen" meaning head and "Gwyn" meaning white.
Thanksgiving Penguins mate for life.
There are at least 18 different species of penguins. including the Thanksgiving Penguin.
Breedable 20 Hours
Upgrades to a 
Bouncing Penguin
There are as many 100 million Bouncing Penguins in the world today.
Bouncing Penguins have tightly packed feathers that help them keep warm.
Bouncing Penguins can swim at 15 mph.
Breedable 2 days
The Turkeys
Thanksgiving Pardon Turkey
There are over 7 million Thanksgiving Turkeys in the world today.
 In the 1930s, the Thanksgiving Turkey was on the verge of extinction, but thanks to wildlife restoration programs, they are now abundant in nature.
A male Thanksgiving Turkey is called a "gobbler."
Breedable 96 hours
Upgrades to the 
Frolicking Turkey
The Frolicking Turkey was Benjamin Franklin's choice for the national bird of the United States.
The Frolicking Turkey often feeds on nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, and salamanders.
The Frolicking Turkey's gobble can be heard a mile away
Breedable 23 hours
Save the Turkey
The female Ocellated Turkey can incubate as many as 18 eggs at once.
The Ocellated Turkey is native to Northern Mexico and Eastern United States.
The Ocellated Turkey was brought to Europe in the 16th century.
Breedable 2 Days
Upgrades to the
 White Turkey
The White Turkey sometimes likes to spend the night in trees.
White Turkeys are very agile fliers and will run or fly at the first sign of danger.
White Turkeys are polygamous and the male will mate with as many hens as possible
Breedable 20 Hours
The Bunnies
Turkey Bunny

A male Turkey Bunny is called a "buck."
A female Turkey Bunny is called a "doe."
The Turkey Bunny can jump 36 inches and some times even higher.
Breedable 16 hours
Upgrades the the 
Thanksgiving Bunny
The Thanksgiving Bunny can see behind itself without moving its head.
The Thanksgiving Bunny has worse eyesight than a human, but an excellent sense of smell and hearing.
The Thanksgiving Bunny is born blind and naked and require parental care to grow up healthy.
Breedable 23 Hours
The Beavers
Thanksgiving Beaver

The Thanksgiving Beaver is the second largest rodent in the world.
Thanksgiving Beavers use their wide, flat tail to slap the surface of the water to warn other of approaching danger.
Thanksgiving Beavers love to eat bark and leaves.
Breedable 20 Hours

Upgrades to the 
Swimming Beaver
Swimming Beavers can remain underwater for 15 minutes without surfacing.
Swimming Beavers have a set of transparent eyelids that work like goggles when underwater.
Swimming Beavers have fur that is naturally oily and waterproof
Breedable 3 days
The Elephant
Pumpkin Elephant
 Pumpkin Elephant is the largest living land mammal.
The Pumpkin Elephant, with help from its trunk, can reach as high as 23 feet.
The Pumpkin Elephant spends most of its day eating, bathing, playing, and resting.
Breedable 23 Hours
Upgrades to the 
Cranberry Elephant

The Cranberry Elephant sleeps standing up.
Cranberry Elephants are capable of pulling up 3 gallons of water into their trunk.
Cranberry Elephants can grow to be 13 feet tall.

Breedable 4 Days
The Koalas
Thanksgiving Koala

when the Thanksgiving Koala is not asleep, it feeds on eucalyptus leaves.
The Thanksgiving Koala eats about 2.5 pounds of leaves a day.
The Thanksgiving Koala's average life span in the wild is 20 years.

Breedable - 3  Days
Upgrades to the 
Playful Koala

The Playful Koala's digestive system is able to detoxify, which allows them to eat eucalyptus leaves.
The Playful Koala only drinks water when they are ill or there is not enough moisture in the leaves.
The Playful Koala is mostly nocturnal and can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping or resting.
Breedable 20 Hours
The Bears
The Pilgrim Bear
Pilgrim Bears spend a lot of their time foraging for food, mostly comprised of berries, insects, and vegetation.
A Pilgrim Bear's average life span is 15 years in the wild.
Female Pilgrim Bears often give birth to twins
Breeding time 2 Days
Upgrades to the
 Pumpkin Bear

The collective name for a group of Pumpkin Bears is called a sleuth or sloth.
Pumpkin Bears can weigh up to 600 pounds.
Pumpkin Bears are closely related to pandas, raccoons and dogs.
Breedable 20 Hours
The Hounds

Autumn Hound Dog

Autumn Hound Dogs originated in 6th century France.
Autumn Hound Dogs are known to be very loyal to their families and good with other animals.
Autumn Hound Dogs are prone to taking naps in the sun
Breedable 16 Hours
Upgrades to the Playful Hound Dog
Playful Hound Dogs have exceptional eyesight.
Playful Hound Dog require a lot of exercise because they have high stamina levels suitable for hunting.
The Playful Hound is gentle and sociable but can also be stubborn.
Breedable 23 Hours

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