Sunday, 21 November 2010

Zoo Guide - Links to all you need to know

Here are a few links you might find helpful.
Share the notes with your friends
Games are so much more fun when we help each other.
Just click on the blue links and Have fun!

Click here to find out how to accept and return Borrowed Animals

Come over here to find out about Mission Animals

Let's Pop over and Make sure you have everything Upgraded

Find out about the Trophies

Complete list of feed animals - make sure you have them all!

Click here to find out all about Gate Animals

Animals that are giftable but not buyable

Animals that do and don't count towards level requirements

Racing your Birds

Click here to find out about your Bird of Prey and Killer Whale Shows

Upgrading Zoo Gates

Visit Friends

Make a back door quick link to your zoo

Read all about bring it a game within a game

Click here to find out all about maps and Islands

And who is Doctor Zoo Little?

The Golden Egg

Quick Links to Train Your Birds, Dolphin and Sealion too!

The Birds of Zoo World...

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