Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Candy Man can... and cupid cares

Here's a brief overview!

The 1st person that clicks on the post gets 40 Juice; 

The 2nd person that clicks on the post gets 20 Juice; 

Everyone else that clicks on the post gets 10 Juice.

Juice is released by clicking on the juice icon in your zoo,
you can send it to feed, request juice is sent to you 
and also send as a gift - however there is plenty available 
on the feed so sending as a gift does not always help
as we can only claim 200 per day.

Candy Man and Cupid in the shop for Zoo Cash!
The Candy Man will help you feed your animals treats
Cupid will help you collect hearts!
By clicking on them, you can feed or collect multiple animals at once!

They both drink Juice to get the energy they need to perform their jobs!
Each treat fed or heart collected takes 1 Juice each.
Juice for Candy Man & Cupid can now be found on the feed.
We also get juice when we help save mission animals.

you are only allowed to collect 200 juice a day (10 x 20)
Juice fills up to 100 over the course of a day. If you have more than 100 it doesn't fill up more.
So, you need to get the juice gifts right before or during collecting/feeding in order
to do you any good unless you have enough gifts/feed juice to go over 100.

I have found these little men very helpful in finding our hungry hiding little creatures.
The bar indicates how many boxes you have left.

Each box contains 100 Juice. - however you should not need to buy any.
50 Boxes of juice (5,000 juice) 65 WLP
30 Boxes of juice (3,000 juice) 55 WLP
20 Boxes of juice (2,000 juice) 40 WLP
10 Boxes of juice (1,000 juice) 25 WLP
1 Box of juice (100 juice) 3 WLP

To use the cupid to collect hearts - just click on his icon
then to change to the Candy man click change above cupid.
and select the candyman.
PS if you do not have enough juice to collect or feed you
will get a message telling you how many have not been done.
Click on the juice icon to share juice with friends -
this can be by sending to feed or by gifting.

juice is collectable on the feed and those with large networks
can collect their quota from there.

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