Friday, 2 July 2010

Animals recently released....

1351: Golden Jackal breedable - Easy 20Hrs

For the quiz...

1. The Golden Jackal prefers to live in open, dry, grassy plains in Southeastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.
2. Golden Jackals are born blind and get their sight in about 10 days.
3. Golden Jackals mate for life.

1352: Phalanger breedable - Easy 23Hrs

For the quiz
1. Phalangers have a very strong prehensile take, which is usually bare towards the tip.
2. Phalangers enjoy eating young leaves, buds, shoots, fruits and insects. Sometimes they will also eat bird eggs and small lizards.
3. Phalangers rarely come down to the ground, so they have few natural predators besides large birds of prey, snakes, and humans.

1353: Orangutan

For the quiz

1. The Malay word "Orangutan" means "Person of the Forest".
2. Orangutans are only found in Sumatra and Borneo.
3. An Orangutan's call can be heard up to 1.2 miles away.

1354: Woodchuck from feed - at last something new for the feed!

For the quiz
1. Woodchuck is another name for the groundhog and they are members of the squirrel family.
2. The woodchuck's internal clock is affected by annual change in the amount of daylight.
3. Woodchucks are one of the few mammals that go through true hibernation. Generally, hibernation starts around end of October and lasts until late February and March.

1355: Bandicoot another feed animal

For the quiz
1. Bandicoots get their name from the world "bandictoa" which means pig-rat.
2. When Bandicoots are disturbed, they make a high-pitched call.
3. Bandicoots user their long, slender nose to root soil and dig in crevices for prey.

1356: Lounging Bigfoot breedable 99c

For the quiz
1. Stories and sightings of Bigfoot originated in the Pacific Northwest of the US.
2. In 1958 Jerry Crew took the well-known picture of the Bigfoot footprint. After Ray Wallace died, his children came forward with a pair of wooden feet used to make the prints.
3. Skamania County in Washington passed a 1969 law declaring the slaying of any Bigfoot creature a felony.

1357: Mouse Musketeer breedable 99c

for the quiz
1. Mouse Musketeers originated in France, but are now living all over the world, where ever crime needs to be fought.
2. Mouse Musketeers are known to be very loyal to their fellow musketeers and are known to die for each other.
3. Mouse Musketeers are never seen without their most trusted accessory, their sword.

1358: Jet Ski Squirrel breedable 99c

for the quiz
1. Jet Ski Squirrels are very rare and any sighting of them is only known to occur during the hottest days of the summer.
2. Jet Ski Squirrels love to swim and spend their free time sun bathing on the beach.
3. While in the water, Jet Ski Squirrels use their tail to help them balance.

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