Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Starting out - building your zoo and adding zoo mates

A quick tip sometimes people think they are locked out of their zoo
because it is all greyed out - please try adjusting your computor zoom
this often fixes the problem.

To be able to play zoo world you need at least 60 zoomates.
Zoomates can be recruited by clicking on the baskets you will see on your home page.
You will get a new island for every 25 different kinds of animals you have
if you have sufficient zoo mates.
If you are short of zoomates the best way to get more zoo mates is to
click here Zoo World Chat

on the help tab above your zoo and

Watch what people are saying
if people are offering wall animals etc - they are calling for zoomates
click on their name and send a zoo mate request.
It is polite to add some words when requesting zoomates instead of just clicking request friendship - let them know for which game.

1st – first island free

2nd – 5 Zoomates

3rd – 10 Zoomates

4th – 15 Zoomates

5th – 20 Zoomates

Islands can also now be purchased -
it is best to build up your zoomates instead of purchasing land.
6th – 25 Zoomates
7th – 30 Zoomates
8th – 40 Zoomates
9th - 50 Zoomates
10th - 60 Zoomates

There are also a number of great groups that share animals,
greenhouse parts and roses - these are also a good place
to get more zoomates

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