Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Basket Animals

You get the gifts by helping zoomates celebrate their zoomates.
Where you see a basket and someone is celebrating a new zoomate click the basket
and accept the gift.
You can then post another basket for friends to accept.
You will then get a screen where you can invite zoomates,
click as many as it will allow - this will be deducted from
the amount fo gifts you can send - the best gift is always a new zoomate!

The first basket of the day should give you an animal
You are able to collect from 3 baskets per day
The baskets also contain other gifts such as money, statues and trees.
These are giftable and do count towards level up requirements.

What do we find in baskets?
Striped Hyena


Malayan Bony Togued Fish - The Lucky Fish

Star fish,

Forest elephant

Burmese Star Tortoise

Florida Panther,

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