Thursday, 26 August 2010


Let me start by saying only these apps are Valid Zoo Apps Anything else is fake!

If it is a free offer of something like zoo money or WLP and it does not come from one of these apps - you can bet it is fake!

Valid Zoo Apps

Click on the blue links and select block.
If you have the apps blocked they can not affect you
as you will not see any of their posts.
Please do not create a witch hunt of which friends have them active.
Just Repost and make people aware of fake apps.

APP Friend Factory

Zoo World Guide

Theses are a little different
you need to click to go to the wall.
Go down to the bottom where you can report page
and select spam.

Get 1000 Wildlife Points Instantly *Zoo World*

Zoo World Get Best Secrets & C.H.E.A.T.S

If you get a message to your face book in box and it reads
here is a gift from me to you!
im using up my fb ad credits to send u a gift so HERE = http://apps. facebook....
report it as spam

If you see this message on feed dont even touch it - not even to tell the person it is spam - if it is on your page delete it!
no bulls.. if you are my friend you need this.. you will thank ME = laughfactory/

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