Sunday, 1 August 2010

Quick Links to Train Your Birds, Dolphin, Orcas and Sealion too!

Peeps the required amount of tricks is still 42.
Remember the higher the trick the more expensive.
We now have 8 animals we can train - so an average of 5 tricks each plus 2 will give you your required amount of tricks.
Quick links to train Animals just click on the blue name
Martial Eagle
California Sea Lion

Dolphins, Orcas and sealions are now also trainable!
Sealions are released on level 12 and dolphins are one the the first animals we get when we start

Train your dolphin to clap, wave, sing, high jump balance on a ball, backflip.

Bald Eagle

One of the first animals we get when we start zoo.
Start training immediately.
You can train every 5 minutes.
There are 6 tricks;
Shake hands, Salute, Play dead, Peek A Boo, Hop, Fetch a Frisbee.
Each Trick gives you +50 speed for racing.

The easiest and cheapest way to get all your tricks done
is to train the first level of each bird.
training gets more expensive the higher the trick

level 11 requires you have trained 1 complete Trick
level 19 requires you have trained 2 complete Tricks
level 30 requires you have trained 3 complete Tricks
level 34 requires you have trained 4 complete Tricks
level 38 requires you have trained 5 complete Tricks
level 41 requires you have trained 6 complete Tricks

Each Bird has 6 tricks they can learn.

The other birds are unlocked through

Racing Your Birds

Swift unlocked through Racing bald Eagle

Peregrine unlocked through Racing Swift

Purple Needle Tail Swift

Martial Eagle


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