Monday, 23 August 2010

Vitamins for sick zoo babies...

New Vitamins for sick babies.
Now when we feed babies we have the option
to send a thank you gift back to the person who fed out babies,
This can be used to heal the person who fed our babies sick babies.

When you come to release your baby –
before you post your topiary
you are asked if you would like to
send the feeder a health vitamin.
This is posted to their wall.
To get the juice the feeder needs to claim it from their wall.

Peeps you need to collect the vitamins off your page
to be credited them only the feeder can claim the vitamin.

The amount of vitamins you have will be shown next to the heart

You will still get growth formula when you feed babies...
this will take 25% off the length of time it tkaes for you to breed a new animal

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