Monday, 9 August 2010

New Scout Dog

Oh no I lost my scout...... there we go found him again he made friends

Scout dog now available in the shop in BETA so not yet available to everyone.
This is thought to be about to repleace the treasure hunter
although those who already have the treasure hunter will still be able to
use the treasure hunter.
I have bought the scout dog - $50000 and also have the treasure hunter.
The Scout dog is like a staff member and shows up just under your zoom bar.
in the right hand corner of your zoo.
You need to click him to use him.

If you have the treasure hunter you can still buy the dog but he will not be able to do his duty as the treasure hunter will have done it for him.

But if you leave it to the pup I have been told he is great at sniffing out the loot - now we just need unlimited supplies of juice LOL

Greedy dog drinks your juice and doesnt find the treasure!

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