Sunday, 29 August 2010

Ice Cream Animals.

Purple Gallinule
-  breedable 23 hours - not yet giftable

Pennant Coral fish
- breedable 20 hours - not yet giftable

-  beedable 16 hours - not yet giftable -

Even if you already got your 5 scoops today
you can still help friends with toppings
You'll get a message saying that you
can not claim this scoop of ice cream -
but that does not mean you can not help
(Wish zoo would reword this!)

You can get a maximum of 6 of each animal

The aim here is to collect 10 icecreams and a topping.
You can only collect 5 scoops per day
The Animals you can get are as follows.
These do not count towards level ups at present.
Will be available in shop after the 15th
(If zoo does not extend the promotion)

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