Monday, 23 August 2010

List of Links...

A list of quick links to get the info you need in ZooWorld
Before you do anything else - so that you do not loose this page
if you are veiwing in;

Google chrome -
left click the url (the address in the browser bar)
it will be highlighted in blue
and drag it down to the blue line just below it -
now all you need do is click the link and you have the list.

Getting Tagged

What is new...
Ice Cream Animals
New Game Zoo Blast
Australian Outback Releases
What you need to know...
Google Chrome and Clearing your Flash Cache
Levelling up..
Racing Birds
Contact zoo Devs
4th July Animals
Bird of prey and killer whale shows
Basket Animals
Gate Animals
Kiosks and Wrenchs
Cupid and the Candy Man
Maps and Islands
Cage Upgrades
Quick links to friends, breeding and shop
Using Paypal
Pear trees and Upgrades
Building up your zoo
Trophy Levels
Gift of The Day
Breeding for WLP
Finding things and animals on feed
Scout the treasure finder
Making Money from flowering trees
Training Animals
Animals that make you money
Mission Animals
Feed Animals
Levels which release Animals
Birds in Zoo World
Baby Vitamins

Here Now
Stop Email Notifications
Remove limit on seeing friends posts
Unblocking an Application

creating and Running a group on facebook

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